Sunday, 25 April 2010

Living the boring life

Hmmmm well, so I don't have very much to write....

I got awarded DLA (mobility component), I'm not too sure how I feel about that!! I was encouraged to apply for it by the Respiratory Nurse Specialist, I didn't think I'd get it but I thought that I had nothing to lose by applying for it. I don't really want to think of myself as disabled, but this does make me feel like less of a fraud when I struggle to even move from a chair when struggling to breathe :(

My peak flows are dropping. I'm desperately trying to avoid restarting the pred. Unfortunately, today and yesterday I feel really flu-y, I hope it doesn't develop into anything because that won't be good for my intentions of keeping away from the lovely respiratory ward.

I'm still not back at work, but hey ho, there is absolutely nothing I can do about it. Reports have been requested; it's just a case of my consultant confirming that I can go back to work, and off I go. I'm kind of past caring about it all now!

Wow, I'm pretty boring!

Thursday, 8 April 2010

The sun is out!

I felt I should come and write something, it's a little early to neglect my blog considering it's only a few months old!

For the first time in a long time I have pretty good control of my asthma. I don't wake up every night struggling to breathe, I can walk around town without having to stop to breathe or have an inhaler break, I don't need to keep my salbutamol inhaler beside me everywhere I go (obviously it's close by, I just don't need to have it right beside me).... So, in light of this I am weaning down my steroids, yay!! I absolutely hate taking them and being this well is the perfect time to come off them :)
I have a hospital appointment next week, I hope this continues as it would be lovely to be able to go in being well for a change, and to give a really good go on the old Spirometry machine!

I'm still not back at work :( So much for them promising to make this urgent and rush through the referral. I have received my occupational health appointment though; next Thursday. I'm absolutely dreading it, the occupational health doctor and I have previous.... issues......
I'm nowhere near as upset about not working anymore. I've been taking the opportunity to meet up with people, spend lots of money (lol), read. The main downside is that I eat more when I have no structure in my day, but I'm working on that.

Finally the sun is out!! Unfortunately, I'm not really able to do much to enjoy it! I decided that as my lungs are cooperating, and I don't have much else to do I'd start exercising. I threw myself into it, I went from doing absolutely nothing to doing an hour every day, until my ankles complained. I think I have achilles tendonitis. Not good, it really hurts and isn't getting any better! Walking around makes it worse so yesterday and today I'm not moving very much at all. The swelling has definitely gone down, and the pain isn't as bad, so hopefully I'm doing the right thing and soon I'll be able to move around pain free!
It's so annoying, I get my stupid lungs to behave and then something else crops up!