Saturday, 27 November 2010


I've been feeling a bit down recently hence my lack of posts, I don't want to turn this blog into a place where I only moan and whinge.

In a nutshell; stupid lungs still aren't happy. My joints are incredibly painful, worse in my back and knees (thanks Omalizumab). I'm still not back at work, my manager is giving me vague answers when I ask what is going on, last week I saw my job advertised. Blah blah blah.


Christmas is coming, yay! I've finished making my christmas cards and finished my christmas shopping. Every year I do my christmas shopping in November and this year I vowed to wait until December so I could enjoy the atmosphere to present shopping near Christmas. However, it would appear that I just can't help myself, I love buying Christmas presents, and I suppose if I'm honest, I hate hugely crowded shops in December time!
Christmas tree has gone up! I know some people think it's stupidly early but Christmas is my favourite time of year, maybe it's a family thing as my parents and cousin have also put their trees up today :-) I also use the 'excuse' that tomorrow is the first Sunday of Advent.
I'm very much looking forward to visiting various christmas markets over the next few weeks :-D

I'm so incredibly jealous of all the people who've had snow! I remember when I used to live in Birmingham we got so much more snow than I see living down here in the South West, also the snow is never as deep down here. Snow is very pretty to look at but I hate it when it turns to mush and ice, and driving in it is horrendous. It's certainly been cold enough for snow though, I cleverly didn't take a scarf out with me earlier, my stupid lungs aren't a fan of bitterly cold weather!

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  1. I agree... When I lived in coventry we had lots more snow but was more et and windy! We had a little the other night but I hate snow!