Thursday, 9 June 2011

When it all goes to plan

After a looooooong time of living in a state of chaos, it feels like my life is settling down and starting to go the way I'd like it to!

I'm back at work and it's going well! I feel incredibly stupid and it takes me forever to do anything, but I'm slowly building my confidence back up. I've only been working 3 hour days so far, which although has been nice, at the same time it's been a little frustrating as I feel like I'm just getting into my work then it's time to go home, then the next day I have to start all over again. I'm increasing up to 5 hour days next week and I'm actually rather looking forward to it (someone needs to remind me of all this when I'm back working full time and wishing I didn't have to work for a living!!!!)

Now, this is the temporary admin job I'm talking about. I'm sure most of you know that I'm actually a registered nurse but was stopped from working as a nurse about 3.5 years ago due to health reasons. I had to fight hard to be allowed back to work in an admin role, and fighting to return to nursing sometimes feels like a pointless, endless, unwinnable task, but giving up has never really been an option to me.
Today I had an assessment, the report from this will have a BIG impact upon what ultimately happens regarding my nursing career, I'd actually go as far to say that my future nursing career was dependant on this report. I hoped it would go well, but I've learnt the hard way what happens when I get my hopes up. The assessment went so much better than I hoped, I can't tell you how happy I am :D The report still needs writing up, submitting to various people, then I need to attend a hearing so it's not a case of me being able to return to my old job, but right now, my 'arguement' to return to nursing is the strongest it has been since this all started :D :D
{I'm still very wary of being too positive and expecting a definite return to nursing, there is always a little part of me waiting for something bad to happen/crop up. So for now, I'm just happy that things seem to be looking up).

Then we move onto those little lungs of mine. Would you believe that they're actually co-operating with me?! I've started the slow decrease in Pred and so far my peak flows are holding. My peak flows aren't great, actually they're pretty awful compared to my best, but symptom wise things are okay. I've learnt over the years to pay more attention to my symptoms rather than go by a peak flow chart alone, for me the biggie is how well I sleep. Right now, I am waking up needing Salbutamol, but I'm easily getting back to sleep, and when I get up I feel rested. This is good :D

I like it when life feels good :D


  1. This all sounds great, Dawn :o) I'm so pleased that things are going well with work and that there's some hope for getting back to nursing too. Do you know when you'll hear about the result of the report?


  2. Hi Becky, I haven't been given a timeframe for when to expect the report to be completed, but going by how long this process has taken so far, I think it's safe to assume a month or 2 rather than weeks! All this waiting is so incredibly frustrating but I've waited long enough, I guess a few more months isn't the end of the world, especially if the end result is good :)

  3. I certainly hope the result is in your favour. I hope the wait isn't too stressful.