Thursday, 24 January 2013

Still here....

So it would appear that I'm actually rubbish at blogging. Two months without an update! I read other peoples blogs, I just don't have any exciting news to update my own blog with.

Lately, life in general seems to be a bit of a struggle. I feel ill all the time. I've begun doubting my ability to do anything at all. Everyone else is telling me that I can't work full time with a serious respiratory condition. I can't afford to drop my hours, and I won't qualify for further benefits (so far I only get DLA) unless I dramatically drop my hours or quit work altogether. Then there is the issue that I can work for over 50% of the time, and I want to work.

I saw Occupational Health today, they're recommending redeployment on medical grounds. I've given this so much thought, I really don't know what to do for the best. Initially I agreed that maybe working in a less physically demanding environment would be better for me, now I just don't know. Clearly I can't continue in the way I am but I feel so pathetic. All I seem to do is whine about feeling ill. Mentally and physically, I feel ill and so tired.

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