Friday, 26 February 2010

Let the games begin

So today is officially the start of my weight loss competition. A few other people at work have joined us so now there are 4 of us in the 'official' competition and a few other people who are playing along but don't want to make it into a formal competition. In 12 weeks those cocktails will be mine (even if I have to starve between now and then haha)!!!!

I've signed up with a few mystery shopper companies in the hope that I can give my poor abused bank account a little boost. I'm doing my first mystery shopping job tomorrow! Well, 3 jobs, £10 each, so £30 for about 1.5 hours work - not bad me thinks!!

Begrudingly I had to take 60mg of Pred this morning :( I had the most horrendous night and I didn't fancy my chances of making it through the day. I don't have a clue what I'm doing with my steroids anymore. I'm refusing to take the high doses on a daily basis as I've noticed that my vision gets blurry when on any dose above 20mg, but unfortunately, 20mg doesn't do that much for my stupid lungs. I'm trying really hard to keep myself out of hospital in the hope that when I see my consultant on 15th March he'll be able to make a suggestion for my treatment that will make a difference. (sigh) I can live in hope.........

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