Monday, 27 September 2010

I have 2 arms!!!

The plaster cast came off today, yay!! I'm surprised at how swollen and painful my wrist is. I've got a good range of movement though, even the Dr in the fracture clinic was surprised at how good, so I'm hoping that'll make for a quick recovery - pain and swelling free!
I drove a little bit this evening which made me wrist quite painful initially when changing gears, and it was definitely more swollen afterwards, but I've got no plans to use public transport now I don't have to so I'm sure my wrist will adapt to driving again quickly!

I seem to have got the beginnings of the lovely cold that everyone seems to be moaning about. I've got a sore throat and looking very pale (which was commented on at the hospital this morning - it's one of my 'warning signs', I often go very pale before having a big asthma attack). Bloody great timing considering I'm trying to wean down the Pred right now! It hasn't really effected my chest so far, I have used my salbutamol slightly more than normal but nothing drastic, so I'm knocking back Vitamin C, Zinc and Echinnacea tablets in the hope I can get rid of it before it develops into something worse and makes breathing fun.

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