Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Who wants a simple life?

Do you ever feel like life goes from one drama to another?

Asthma control is so so, could be better but could also be worse so I'm not complaining too loudly. My respiratory team now want to run tests to see if I have bronchiectasis, and I need to have a colonoscopy following some concerning symptoms involving blood. Fun times ahead :(

In other news, I had all my hair chopped off! It was down my back and now it's cropped really close to my head. It's a little shorter than I anticipated but I've received lots of lovely compliments, I'll be happier when it's grown a little longer so I can tuck it behind my ears.

I've also completed the first part of Samaritans training and shifts with my mentor, now I'm free to take calls without being listened in on. I was nervous about it but I found it easier to take calls without my mentor listening in, it felt more natural so that was good!

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