Friday, 13 May 2011

Hospital and escape!

Well for a start, I'm very confused over where my last update is! I know it was posted, I had someone comment on it (thanks Wendy) but now there is no sign of it! Weird.....

In the early hours of last Friday morning I eventually gave into these stupid lungs of mine and called an ambulance. I don't remember very much after that point, I'm told that when they arrived my sats were in the 60's% and I was given lots of adrenaline, nebs and oxygen. I became more alert not long before we got to hospital and had the paramedic telling me that he hadn't seen me in a while. It's been well over a year since I last called an ambulance but there seems to be one poor paramedic who gets me a lot and even though time passes, I guess he remembers me as I have a tendancy to go into respiratory arrest on him!
When I got to hospital I felt slightly better but ABGs were pretty shocking so BiPap was discussed, thankfully they didn't feel the need to go down that route as I can't imagine that I'd tolerate that very well! So instead I had IV magnesium, more back to back nebs and O2, and my old friend IV aminophylline.
Friday night I started to deteriorate again with aminophylline, O2 and back to back nebs so I was given more IV magnesium and my lungs slowly calmed down.
IV aminophylline came down on Sunday morning but Sunday night was a bit of a nightmare. pCO2 rose, pO2 dropped and I spent most of the night on 100% O2 as anything less would make my sats drop below 90%.
Monday morning I finally felt better and managed to get some sleep during the day.
There seems to be a common theme whenever I'm admitted to the respiratory ward - most of the other patients in my bay are crazy! Elderly old ladies with dementia and infections are not a great combination!!! There was a very sweet old lady in the bed beside me, she was very unsteady on her feet and when night time came, she just got up and wandered around until someone found her and walked her to the bathroom. Monday night I had the shock of my life when I'd just gotten to sleep and she fell on me! LOL!!
Tuesday the IV aminophylline finally came down, and eager to get home I stopped my nebs. I'm not allowed home nebs so have to be off them for 24 hours before being allowed home. Tuesday night, one of the other ladies who was a 79 year old tiny thing, caused such a fuss and was agressive that security were called up. It was so funny, these 2 big security blokes turned up to control this tiny old woman!
Wednesday I was initially aiming to go home but my peak flows had dropped and I was wheezy so I very reluctantly agreed to stay another night. Wednesday night whilst I slept, 79 year old agressive crazy lady came over to my bed, pulled back the covers and shook me awake! She was looking for her husband, when she realised I wasn't him she went onto the next bed and woke up the next person!! Haha if it hadn't have been me being woken up in the middle of the night I think I would have found it quite hilarious!
Thursday review came and the stupid dr decided my peak flow was still too low to discharge me. I considered self discharge but thats not really a route I want to go down as it looks so bad in my medical notes, and if I did ever end up being readmitted soon after then it would be my own fault. So I kicked up a little fuss (I don't like to be too compliant ;-) lol)and finally agreed to stay again, but made it clear that I thought it was stupid to keep me in hospital just because they were worried low peak flows = massive asthma attack. Tuesday morning onwards I wasn't receiving any treatment that I don't have at home so I was literally sat there incase I became ill, and I'm more than capable of looking after myself at home.
Today, peak flows were still rubbish and sats were down. The poor SHO came along and I immediately started with my arguement that I wanted to be discharged. My consultant wasn't around this week and I wonder if I'd have been able to go earlier if he was. No one was willing to take responsibility discharging me with crap peak flows so another consultant came down to see me. Thankfully he agreed that they couldn't keep me in hospital just incase I became poorly, so said I could go home on the condition that if I feel even slightly worse over the weekend I go straight back in, and that I don't exert myself. Haha like that's going to happen!

So, I finally made it home! :D When I get home after a hospital admission I have to throw everything that has been to the hospital in the washing machine, I always feel dirty in hospital. So washing machine on, showered, moisturised (hospital makes my skin dry) and clean pjs on. Then I felt much better! Tommy baby had decided to be sick all over the floor at this point though, I swear, he'd gone walking around my flat being sick in different places, so that was a nice welcome home present lol. Then I had to clean out his food area and litter tray, by this point I was feeling pretty exhausted so I resisted the urge to get the vacuum out. I'll have to save that little chore for another day as I always feel pretty ill and exhausted for a day or 2 after a hospital admission. Then again, that depends on how long I can stand looking at the messy carpet for!


  1. (((((((Dawn))))))) Sorry to hear that you've been so poorly, and what a nightmare time of it you seem to have had too with old ladies shaking you awake or trying to jump into bed with you! I'm glad you eventually got home okay, though it's pants that you had to fight for it :o( Here's hoping for a quick recovery now that you're back in your own surroundings, and that you soon get your energy back. Thinking of you and sending get well vibes in your direction. Take care. Becky.

  2. Thanks Becky :) I hope you're enjoying your holiday, getting lots of rest and feeling much better xx