Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Postivity shines!

It's world asthma day! Only people I speak to and see on a regular basis know about my horrible lungs, I don't really publicise it or talk about it very much. Recently I realised I'm treating it as a secret, something I'm ashamed of because of the huge impact it has on my life. The past week or so I've been including asthma in my 'facebook life'. I posted a link to my Get it off your chest story, and I posted a status advertising world asthma day (granted I stole the status off someone, but that's only because it was so good!) The result has been people sending me messages who I haven't spoken to for a while; asking about brittle asthma, how it effects my life, and my medication. So there, I have raised awareness of brittle asthma and I resolve to stop hiding my condition :) I can't complain that the lack of asthma awareness when I hide my own condition!

This morning I had a work meeting with a HR manager and my union rep. I wasn't expecting much to come out of this meeting, there is a bit of a pattern to these things - I get my hopes up, come out of the meeting feeling unsure about what is happening, then over the coming days I feel disappointed and worse than I did previously when I realise I won't be returning to work anytime soon :(
Anyway, today was different!! I've been given a date to start a gradual return to work, it's 2 weeks away but I'm not sure Occupational Health will have had their input by then so it may be delayed.... but that is just basically ticking boxes as Occ Health confirmed I was fit to return to work ages ago and I'm not any worse since then.
I don't want to be too optimistic or positive about this until I actually return to work, I've built my hopes up many times to have them smashed when it all goes wrong.... but I can't help feeling good about this latest development :D

This isn't a return to my nursing position, that is a seperate ongoing battle, but I'm feeling quietly optimistic about that too. Playing a waiting game there right now.

And finally, I can't blog without giving my lungs a little mention. They're being a complete nightmare, at times I'm absolutely fine and other times I'm breathless and wheezy at rest so moving around isn't much fun! I don't know what to do or say, but I'm trying my best to avoid hospital and so far I'm succeeding!!

:) :) :) :)


  1. Yay to back to workness! Hope you get back ASAP. I know what you mean by the hiding thing, I never really complain on facebook etc unless I'm in hospital or heading there! Some people just complain too much though ;) Well done on educating your friends! I'll have to copyright my statuses from now on £1 to use them in future :P
    Can't seem to post from wordpress account grr!

  2. Right more blogs!! You need to blog regularly to get more readers. What you do write is so good, we just want to hear from you more xx