Sunday, 3 July 2011

Scary medications

I've been lying low and keeping quiet lately, 'things' aren't going so well and posting the ins and outs of my life online doesn't really appeal to me! So, concentrating on these lungs of mine;

I had a review with my respiratory consultant, we agreed that Azithromycin wasn't doing anything for me so that was stopped. He brought up Methotrexate. When I hear that drug I automatically think 'cancer', which leads to 'horrible side effects', so I said I was pretty reluctant to take drugs like that. Since the appt I've read up on Methotrexate and seen that it's actually used in a few other conditions too, and some people with severe/brittle asthma have found it very helpful. Food for thought.... I'd love to hear any experiences from anyone who has taken it!

I mentioned in my last post that I'd been feeling pretty unwell. This week it got worse, I rarely get chest infections but I really felt like I had one. So I made an appt to see my GP that afternoon, by the time of the appt I felt better. I HATE it when that happens!! Obviously I like feeling better, but it's so annoying when I end up saying - I feel okay now but earlier I felt really ill and was coughing up gunk blah blah blah. Anyway, if it had been my old GP I would have cancelled the appt but my new GP is so lovely. He has A&E experience so he understands asthma that can quickly deteriorate, for me this is great! Outcome was, I have a course of antibiotics to take and had to bump up the Pred again :( I felt so much better after a few days and my peak flows have started to pick up again, so it's all good :)

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