Monday, 28 November 2011

I'm winning!

Well this is a long overdue post, and finally I have something good to write about!

I had to travel to London for a hearing to decide whether I could return to working as a nurse. To cut a very long story short, although this whole nightmare isn't over, I've been given the go ahead to go back to nursing!!!! I've been off for 4 years so I need to get myself on a Return to Practice course before being allowed to return to my old job. I'm happy with that, it's only a 4 month course, and will help update me but also help me with gaining back my confidence. I've applied to start a course in January, so now I'm just waiting to hear about that :) :)

This hearing was the reason I was so desperately trying to keep myself out of hospital, that I mentioned in my last post. Since my last post I've had a further hospital admission, but I know that was caused by me stressing myself out over the hearing. Even though my lungs have been a complete nightmare over the past few months, I'm not overly concerned that they're bad enough to stop me from working. The prophylactic Doxycycline seems to be helping, and now this period of stress is over, I'm hoping that I can get these lungs behaving themselves again. Well, as behaved as they're ever going to be!!

So there we have it, 4 years of seemingly never ending stress, worry and fighting has finally started to pay off :) Now, I just need these lungs of mine to cooperate with me just a little, to calm down as they're still on the twitchy side.......

Methotrexate has been brought up yet again as a potential drug to try, I don't know anyone who has been on Methotrexate for asthma, so if anyone has any input/advice/experience, I'd be very grateful to hear what you have to say!!!!!


  1. Hey Dawn that's great news really Happy for you :)

    I have tried methotrexate in the past and found it beneficial. I was on it six months but had to stop due to infections and deranged lft's.

    Hope the return to nursing course passes quickly and you can get back to what you enjoy :)

  2. Hi Elli, thanks for your comment :) I can't wait to start that course, 4 months will fly by :) Thank you for your input re methotrexate, it's really helpful to hear other peoples experiences. Hope you're keeping well and out of hospital!