Saturday, 5 May 2012

Playing at being a nurse

So, I'm now a pretend nurse aka on my Return to Practice course! It's going really well, I looked through my diary and was shocked when I realised I've actually only done 4 shifts in this role; I feel so at home already :) I guess the fact that I've got a lovely mentor really helps. She tried to get me to take charge of 8 patients yesterday, I was a wimp and turned all wide eyed and scared. As the day went on I realised that I just need to get on and do it, so before I went home I made a point of telling my mentor that I wanted to take charge of some patients on our next shift - scary!!!!!!! 

The only negative aspect I have found in this role is that there is no set uniform. Student nurses have a different uniform so you can immediately identify them as students. Return to Practice nurses have to wear the same uniform as a registered nurse, this means people can't tell by looking at me that I'm not yet a registered nurse (I was registered, but as I had so much time away from working as a nurse my registration lapsed, this course is to get me back on the register). So people ask and tell me things, and expect me to know what they're going on about! Still, it's a minor negative and overall I love it :) :)

Now, I just need to get motivated and do some of the written work and reading that I need to do!!!!

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