Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Life is tiring

I'm off work sick this week and I feel so exhausted! I'm continually being told that I don't give myself enough time to 'recover' inbetween my hospital admissions; I usually throw myself back into work, and now I'm actually taking the time to relax I'm finally realising how tired and exhausted I am! How can doing nothing be so tiring?!?!

I think the time off may actually be benefical though. My peak flows are still right down, and my stupid lungs are still waking me in the early hours, but during the day I am actually feeling ok :) It seems to be a slow, gradual improvement but as long as the general trend is upwards and I can continue to wean down the nasty steroids I won't complain! It's rather nice to be improving than the usual deteriorating :) :)

I had a review with my consultant on Monday. It was positive in regards to the way forward, but I'm trying hard to not get too carried away as I seem to have been here many times before. I shall definitely be giving Omalizumab a try, and we discussed the possibilty of trying anti-inflammatories if this doesn't work. I can't say I'm overly keen on taking drugs like that..... I don't know, I'm all for trying anything that could help but I'll have to give it alot of thought; weighing up the potential benefits against side effects. Anyway, it would be nice to not have to get to that stage so right now I shall just wait and see what happens!
I don't get to speak to my consultant in detail when I'm admitted to hospital, he is always so busy so it was nice to be able to see him away from the ward and be able to talk to him properly, and get some reassurance :)

I took my Mum to see Alice in Wonderland 3D at the cinema today. It was part of her Mother's Day present. It was amazing! Could easily go and see it again if the cinema wasn't so expensive!!!!

My bed is calling me, I love my bed right now!! :)


  1. That's so true about not noticing tiredness until you actually do stop to relax. For as long as my kids are waking me up several times every night, I'm fine during the day. If I get a rare whole-night's sleep, I'm whacked the next day!

  2. Hi Kate, thanks for reading and commenting :) Dawn x