Thursday, 11 March 2010

Oh the drama

I'm home! Woohooo after a week in hospital I'm so glad to be back home with my Tommy baby.

Rather a dramatic week; started with a respiratory arrest at work, I've been told numerous times this week how lucky I am that I work with people who know exactly what to do. The ambulance got lost numerous times on the way to me. It's very 'weird'. Obviously the ambulances are more than used to coming onto the hospital site to take patients to the usual spots - ED, maternity, renal unit, etc etc, but they have no idea where anything else is on the site (of course not that they'd be expected to). Because I now work on the other side of the hospital site, detached from the main hospital, I have to have an ambulance to take me around the hospital to ED, approximately a 2 minute drive!!

So yes, started off feeling unwell, rapidly deteriorated, had a respiratory arrest whilst the ambulance was driving around outside, 3 anaesthetists who are based down the corridor came to assist with their bag of delights (adrenaline, ambu bag, and God knows what else). The anaesthetics escorted me into hospital in the ambulance, I think I had the best emergency medical team wheel me into resus LOL!

Anyway, I started to pick up so it was decided I could keep away from ICU for the time being. Then spent some time doing the fun BA cycle of deteroriating and then improving for while.

Skip forward 2 nights, started to feel unwell again. Now, normally I only have to cough and I dramatically drop my sats but this time I was maintaining my sats. Because of this, no one was taking me seriously. Finally, after what seemed like hours a doctor turns up, listens to my chest, immediately called for her registrar, takes ABGs, calls ICU, one doctor from ICU turns up, gets the ICU consultant down who then starts taking about intubating me!!!!!! Normally by this point I'm well out of it, it was rather scary to be able to hear them talking about intubating me, being acidotic, having the crash trolley parked beside me bed.....

Cut a long story short, I once again escaped ICU and intubation and I'm alive and feeling much better than I was!!!

I have an appointment with my consultant on Monday. I've got so much to discuss with him, I plan to make a list over the weekend. I've become quite sure that one day I'm going to die in yet another (near) fatal asthma attack, I can't say that struggling to breathe is much fun, and I have no desire to die like that :-( I know how dramatic that sounds but that is really how I feel at this moment..

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