Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Slightly calmer

There have been no developments on the work situation. I have some people backing me, who want me to come back asap and agree with me that this is unfair so that makes me feel slightly better about it all. I'm still waiting to hear from Occupational Health. I haven't even received a letter, and this is supposed to be 'urgent'.
I've discovered who the 'traumatised' person is. She works in the next office to me, during my attack she stayed in her office, she didn't come out once, she only heard about it second hand from other people. Seriously, some people!

Anyway, not alot I can do about that. I was going to chase my manager to try to hurry along Occupational Health but I've decided not to. I didn't choose for this to happen, I've done nothing wrong, I'm going to take advantage of being paid to stay at home. So far I've done loads of sorting out and tidying! I've made some cards too, I haven't had the time to do that for a while. I do plan to get out and walk along the beautiful canal but the weather has been awful :( I've just checked and it's going to rain again tomorrow, miserable miserable weather!!!!!!

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