Wednesday, 5 May 2010


I'm so fed up. Complete failure of a day :(
I went to the hospital not feeling great (breathless and wheezy) but hoping that I would be okay to have my first injection of Xolair. Unfortunately I had a resting pulse rate of 140 and O2 sats of 90% on air. (unsurprisingly) my consultant said that I couldn't have the drug, and he wanted me to be admitted. I argued, and was eventually admitted for observation to the Emergency Medical Ward. Whilst there I took some extra steroids and used my inhalers slightly more than I probably should, my sats came up, my pulse came down a little and after 4 hours I was discharged, after being made to promise I would call an ambulance at the slightest change for the worse.
I was discharged too late to go to the cinema and meet my friend for dinner.
I then got stuck in roadwork traffic so it took me just over an hour to get home.
THEN I got home to find my cat had been sick in various areas of my flat.

It was at this point that I cried :(

It's days like this which really get to me, my horrible, stupid, useless lungs cause me so many problems. I thought (hoped) Xoliar may be able to help improve my quality of life, but now I have no idea when I'll be able to start it.

Trying to be positive; at least I was discharged :) I know I don't need to stay in hospital, I'm not at that stage (yet) so I probably would have discharged myself, which I'd rather not do as it looks SO bad in your medical notes!

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