Monday, 31 May 2010

Just checking in

Evidently I'm not too good at this blogging lark. My life is very boring lately, and even I get fed up of listening to me whine on about the same old boring stuff!!

Lungs are STILL being very annoying. In a bid to keep myself out of hospital I increased my steroids to 60mg, I couldn't sustain that dose for long though as it makes my vision blurry, not great when I have to drive! I've got back down to 20mg and I don't think I can risk dropping any further for now. I shall refrain from ranting on about weight and steroids :(

STILL not back at work, don't really know what is happening there, can't say I really care! It's slowly getting sorted, (slowly being the key word), I don't like where I'm stuck working for now, I don't particularly want to go back, so I'm not trying to hurry this whole process along!

I've been getting quite a few free cinema tickets lately which is great! I've seen Bad Lieutenant, Death at a Funeral, tomorrow I'm going to see She's Out of My League, and next week I have free tickets to see Letters to Juliet. Freebies are always good, and it means I have an excuse to get out of the house.

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