Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Drugs, drugs and drugs

I finally managed to start Omalizumab last week!! 2 painful injections, but hey, nothing compared to ABG's (I kept reminding myself!). I had no dramatic side effects so was able to go home 5 hours later. I did have a headache, but was suffering with headaches a lot that week. Since I've had a very sore throat, and yesterday knee and back pain started. Random I know. I was warned that knee pain in common... I don't know if any of the post injection 'side effects' are actually side effects though, I'll wait until I've had a few more injections and see if they continue to occur...

Today is my first day off steroids :-) My peak flows aren't doing TOO badly. I know from past experiences that this is unlikely to last long, the longest I usually manage off steroids is about a week, but it's important for me to keep trying to manage without them.

Just read this "Asthma stat of the week: On average, three people per day or one person every seven hours dies from asthma." Scary :-(

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