Friday, 2 July 2010

Maybe, just maybe....

The decision to increase Prednisolone was the right decision, I'm weaning down, currently on 30mg. Still too high for my liking but I can breathe, sleep, leave my flat.... it's all good!! This time round though I seem to be getting more side effects than I'm used to. The blurred vision is standard for me, as is the increased appetite, but this time I also have awful insomnia and water retention. I hate hate hate steroids, and hate even more that I have to take them as they're the only thing that bloody works :-(

Because of the steroids I've been able to get out and about and do things! Yay!

I visited Bath thermae spa this week. I was very dubious about it, I can't swim and have water 'issues' but it was so lovely and relaxing. It's also inspired me to learn to swim. Being in the water wasn't as terrifying as I thought it would be, and I would have been so much more confident/happier if I'd been able to swim! I've looked into adult swimming lessons, now I just have to book myself onto them.... Maybe once I've done the lessons I can go back to the spa and treat myself to a treatment (I like the idea of hot stone massage therapy) as a reward :-)

Also, I've been able to walk around shops without the usual breathlessness and wheezing which funnily enough, makes me not want to go shopping! Hence, I have some nice new summer clothes :-)
Today I went to Clarks Village, which is a discount/outlet little shopping centre. I treated myself :-D I was actually very restrained, I could have spent double what I did!!

Other good news, I had a phone call today about a meeting which will get me closer to going back to work! That's next week, so, with any luck, I could be back at work within the next few weeks! I shouldn't get my hopes up though based on past experiences.
I need to go back to work; I seem to be spending far too much money, and being at home on my own is not good for me.

Oh, and finally I have another appointment through to attempt starting Xolair again.

Maybe, just maybe, things are on the up....

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