Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Bring out the comfort food

Today should have been my second Omalizumab injection. After spirometry I was told I wasn't well enough to have it. I'm actually feeling really annoyed with the respiratory team :( Monday they made a big deal out of the fact I weaned myself off steroids when I ALWAYS wean myself off steroids. Then today it came up again, I pointed out that I've NEVER hidden the fact that I wean myself off steroids. In fact, I'm always so happy that I've managed to get off them that it's one of the first things I say in my respiratory appts! I do my own thing when it comes to steroids, I wean them down and I also know when to start taking them again, admittedly I generally delay restarting them but considering I don't want to take them at all, I don't think I do that bad a job of self managing it all. Secondly, they're saying I'm not well enough. This is actually not bad for me at all. I manage my lungs myself apart from when I have to be admitted. For them to tell me how 'well' I am or not, is really grating on me today.
Anyway, the plan is to have a follow up on Wednesday with the view of having the injection on Thursday.

Good news, I managed to fish the bra underwire out of the washing machine :) I did it a few hours after writing the last post, I couldn't leave it until the next day, once I get an idea like that in my head I like to get going!! It took a great deal of patience and a good hour, but I felt rather proud once I'd done it.

I've also managed to re-upholster a tattered old chair. My first attempt at re-upholstery and I'd declare it a success. I also felt quite proud of that little piece of work :)

I'm feeling pretty down after the whole respiratory thing earlier, or rather lack of! (well that and the lack of progress regarding my work situation, but that's another story and I've already moaned quite enough today). I'm going to indulge in my favourite ice cream now - Ben & Jerry's Cookie Dough, until I either feel better or reach the bottom of the tub!

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