Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Christmassy thoughts

I had the joy of yet another out patient appointment this morning. The aim was to assess whether I am well enough for my second dose of Omalizumab, I knew I wasn't but went along anyway, hey it's not like I have much else to do!! 30 minute drive there, 10 minute appointment - my lung function is slightly up compared to last week but still not good enough to have the Omalizumab, and a 30 minute drive home.

I had a lovely idea for christmas cards today whilst driving home (which by the way is just over 4 months away!!). I like to make my own cards, but I've felt slightly upset lately when I've made cards for people and they don't comment on them or even say thank you; it makes me feel like I should just buy a standard card rather than put time and effort into making someone a card I think they'd like. So, I wasn't planning to make anymore cards, but I think what I'll do now is just pick a few people - family and close friends to make cards for. The rest can have standard (but nice) christmas cards out of a box.

My DVD player/recorder died on me yesterday which I'm really not happy about. I can't go without watching DVDs for long but I'm not sure I can afford a replacement. Well, I can afford a DVD player, but I want a recorder too, and now they're all HD with hard drives for recording onto so they're considerably more expensive then when I bought mine a few years ago! I'll have to wait until pay day and see what I can afford.

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