Monday, 17 June 2013

Day One

I've made it, I'm here at Heartlands! I really, really didn't want to come. I even considered phoning up and saying I didn't want this admission after all, I'd just stay at home and plod along as I have been. Even as I'm sat here, I'm wondering how on earth I am going to survive the 2-3 week stay. You see, I'm actually feeling okay for me! I'm down to 20mg of Pred and my lungs aren't protesting too much (night times, mornings and upon exertion - I can deal with that!)

Anyway, the positives. I'm on the cystic fibrosis unit which is great. All side rooms and free tv, it really doesn't take much to make me happy! After speaking to the respiratory nurse, it would seem that I should only need to be here for 2 weeks, not potentially 3 weeks as I was told in clinic. That would be great, but I'll try to not get my hopes up and see what happens.

We tried to get the trial going this afternoon but the nurses couldn't work out the syringe driver. Very bizarre as I have no idea what they were doing wrong, and they're really not complicated to use! So it'll be tomorrow now, but it's okay as I knew there was the potential that I would be here for a night where nothing happened. They use sofsets here, I get very excited when I come across new pieces of medical equipment!! I've been used to standard butterfly needles as both a patient and a nurse. Apparently these sofsets are nicer to use but more expensive...... 

Being in a side room is strange. I haven't seen anyone for almost 4 hours! I like my space, but it does concern me. What if I get poorly? How long would it take them to answer the bell? Whilst I've always thought having a side room would be great and much more preferable to being on the main ward, I feel very cut off, isolated, and like I'm stuck in here. 
Ha don't get me wrong, I know I'd rather be in a side room and have my own space, rather than stuck in the middle of a ward full of noisy, confused old ladies. I'm sure I'll start to feel more comfortable in here soon :)

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