Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Days Two & Three

Yesterday was a complete waste of a day and I couldn't be bothered to update with the lack of progress. Basically it transpired that there was a problem with the new protocol for the subcut trial, and this was the first time it has been picked up. So the protocol had to be amended, which first needed to be approved by the consultant, then the protocol needed to be formally typed up, then approved by pharmacy. Thankfully they worked hard to get this done quickly, as I know from experience things like this can take ageeeeees in the NHS.

So today, the trial started! Yay!!! There was still an issue with the syringe fitting in the syringe driver, which they got round. But the syringe will have more volume in it tomorrow (they primed the s/c line today which they won't need to be doing daily, only when the line/site needs to be changed) so there are going to be issues tomorrow...... the nurse said she'd speak to someone about it today and get it sorted so there shouldn't be any further delays...... We'll see what happens.....

I got moved to a room closer to the nurses station today. I saw a Dr who was concerned that I was tucked away a little at the back of the ward, and with my history of getting very poorly very quickly (although I'm fine now and obviously hope to stay this way) she said she'd feel more comfortable moving me to where the nurses could keep a closer eye on me. It's still pretty quiet up this end of the ward, and I must admit, I do feel a little more comfortable being closer to the nurses station.

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