Friday, 21 June 2013

Days Four & Five...

Well, I can't believe this is my fifth day here! Only day 3 of the trial though. All issues surrounding the trial have been resolved so it's ticking along nicely. I'm pretty sure I'm receiving the placebo right now, I haven't noticed anything, good or bad, and my peak flows haven't changed. Actually, I feel a little more wheezy today.

I had a CT scan of my chest done yesterday, still waiting for the results from that......

I also had my FeNO (Fractional exhaled nitric oxide) levels measured yesterday. They're normally high when they're measured here anyway, but they were even higher yesterday at 123. The consultant requested that the nurses observe me taking my steroid inhalers to check my technique, I suspect he also wanted to check that I do actually take them! One of the ward sisters watched me and confirmed my technique is fine. Apparently we'll discuss next week what, if anything, will be done about the high FeNO levels.

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